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Commercial Case Study

“I have found the BlueGreen to be a great cost efficient device with a useful app showing the amount of electricity I’m using as well as what I’m saving. The installation was very professional with no fuss. A great product!”

Mark Edwards, Owner of Planet Pizza, Gloucester Road, Bristol


The Customer

Planet Pizza, a colourful restaurant specialising in planet-themed pizza toppings, is located on Gloucester Road in Bristol, a vibrant and popular area which attracts families, young professionals and students. The intergalactic restaurant provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for dining and socialising amongst local residents as well as tourists. The owner, Mark, and his team are an environmentally friendly bunch that would like to add to the sustainable ecosystem that is especially strong in the city.

The Problem

Mark was keen to find ways of reducing his electricity consumption, with monthly bills adding up to around £900. Mark recognised that demand reduction was an effective way of reducing electricity costs for the business and lowering the restaurant’s carbon footprint. It is a little-known fact that because of the way electricity is distributed, 2.5kWh of fossil fuels remain unused for every kWh of electricity we don’t use.


The Solution

Following a meeting with Bristol BlueGreen, Mark decided to have a BlueGreen Power Saver installed. The innovative technology, with its informative app, appealed to Mark’s entrepreneurial flair and he could see that the Power Saver would not only reduce his electricity bills but also increase his restaurant’s green credentials.

The savings are achieved by managing the voltage supplied to some of the restaurant’s appliances and to the lighting, responsible for about 22% of the electricity consumption. Most appliances work at their optimum when electricity is supplied at around 220 volts. As the voltage increases, rather than provide better performance the appliances waste the extra energy as heat and suffer shorter life as a result. In the UK the average voltage supply is around 242 to 245 volts so a reduction to 220 volts can have a big impact on lowering energy consumption and extending appliance lifetime. In Mark’s case the voltage supplied to Planet Pizza often reached 250 volts!


The Results

The BlueGreen Power Saver was installed in January 2016 and has delivered savings of £250 in the first 12 months. That’s an 11% energy cost reduction for the BlueGreen-supplied appliances!

The BlueGreen Power Saver delivers its savings with no change to the operation of the business. Using the app, Mark can see instantly what he is saving and what is being consumed by the BlueGreen-supplied appliances.





Written: 5th April 17